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There are two fields of battery storage.

There is the AC Retrofit systems which are used alongside existing solar systems, or indeed where there is no solar and only a battery storage solution is required.

Alternatively, there are solar-integrated solutions. These typically use hybrid inverters which are both solar inverters and battery storage solutions combined into a single unit.

These units are an excellent simple solution for adding battery storage to an existing solar system. The AC unit connects to your house fuse board and automatically charges or discharges where there is residual solar or your house needs power and can be used to charge up where any cheap electricity is available from your supplier. This system does not affect your existing solar system in any way, and will not affect any Feed-in Tariff you may have.

Where solar panels are being installed it is often preferable to use a Hybrid Inverter as these combine solar inverter and battery storage in a single unit. There are a number of Hybrid solutions available. Ranging from 3.6kw to 7kw on a single-phase supply. We also install a 12kw 3phase inverter.

Life’s Energy installs both AC-coupled and Hybrid systems. They can be installed as a new system and also retrofitted. Battery installation costs are now Zero VAT rated.